"*"(asterisk) means the music can be played in loop mode.

"**"(double asterisks) means the music is applied LOOPSTART and LOOPLENGTH settings.

When you are going to download files, you have four options below. (Words may differ depending on the browser you use)


Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Yandex browser are recommended. Others (like Safari and Internet Explorer) does not support web audio player and may not be able to save audio files.

MIDI files in the "OGG / MIDI" option have applied each setting of the soundfont used for the music. When you play them with default Windows synth, they sound worse than I expect.

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Random stuff.

Cyborg's Memory (2020)

Made only with PC for the first time.

The King of the Jukozajy Village (2019)

The original version of the village theme. Used "VintageDreamsWeave v2.0" soundfont by Ian Wilson

The Adventure of Ewohna (2017, 2019)

Also used "Symphony Hall" font. Other sound versions below.

El Lamessa (2016~2017)

Imagining a side scrolling shooter. Used "KWGM 1.5" soundfont.

Below are arrengements. NES-like or reverted.

MIDI studies (2016~2017)

I made these MIDIs on android. Playing on android is the best way. Other Platforms play in different sounds.

Edited for Windows

Overture and some Background Music (2016)

Used "027.3mg Symphony Hall" soundfont